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Upgrading Phone At Best Buy with Verizon Trade-In

I'd like to know the process for upgrading my Verizon Phone to from an iphone X 256GB to an iPhone 13 Pro 256GB at Best Buy, while taking advantage of Verizon's trade-in offer.  I prefer to do it at Best Buy since I have the Totaltech membership.  Do I surrender my iPhone X to Best Buy at the store, or do I send the iPhone X to Verizon after the purchase?  I will also need to switch our old 24GB+rollover plan to one of the new Unlimited Plans - should I do that before going to Best Buy or can I do that at the time of purchase?

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Re: Upgrading Phone At Best Buy with Verizon Trade-In

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Hellos, nikto.

We’re so glad to have you join our Community Forums!  It’s a great way to get answers to your product inquiries, or have your concerns addressed with a moderator or other helpful community members.

You’re interest in the iPhone 13 Pro 256GB is awesome, and we can understand why it’s important to get your questions surrounding a trade-in answered.  However, it appears that the trade-in offer you’re thinking of doing would have to be done either online, or at the Verizon store.  It’s important to note that the trade-in deal may not be same.  We recommend signing into your Verizon account when you’re doing your trade-in.  In short, to take advantage of a Verizon trade-in offer, it is conducted after the fact at following Verizon Trade-in website.

A conversation with a mobile Blue Shirt at your local Best Buy may offer further clarification on any of your additional inquires, but if you required help with transferring your information from one phone to the other, it’s free of charge with your Best Buy Total Tech membership.

We hope the information has proven helpful. Please let us know if there is any further assistance we may offer you .

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Re: Upgrading Phone At Best Buy with Verizon Trade-In

I believe under the terms of the Verizon Trade in that you have to surrender your phone. 


There are instrucions on how to send it to them in an unlocked state.

They in turn will mostly cases refurbish it and resell it at a discount. 



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