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Upgrade on Verizon

I'm looking at upgrading my phone.  I currently have a family share plan with 700 min and no data.  I'd like to bump up to the more everything plan and 500mb data and get the lg g3.  When I add the lg g3 to the cart and check for upgrade eligibility all goes well, but in the cart is "verizon wireless mobile package".  I can't add or change anything on my plan, which is fine if my plan stays the same and I can upgrade through verizon when I activate the phone.


I just don't want to buy a new phone that has a 2 yr contract that I can't change to add data, or end up accidentally getting upgraded to more than I need.


Will my plan stay the same when I buy the phone, and can I change the contract to add data after purchasing the phone with the current contract?

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

A mobile package is what the cart adds in order to get the phone set up for activation. During the process you should be able to select the plan you would like (more everything 500mb in your case).


If you're having difficulties ordering the phone online I would recommending talking to a Mobile Sales Consultant at your local store who can help guide you through the process. Or, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to help!

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

Have you considered going prepaid? How much is that plan you are paying for right now?

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

I have had similar issues trying to figure it out online.


It seems that if you actualy go into the store the associates have a lot better options interface at their terminals.

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

Since people have still posted in this area i'll give an update.  I upgraded my plan to the more everything plan through verizon online.  I then purchased the phone from best buy online once the plan kicked in.  I went in to pick up the phone and they activated it at the time of pick up in store.  My plan stayed the same as I had arranged it on verizon and was simply renewed for 2 years.  I got the phone for $1 + tax and received a BB gift card as well, so I got a nice case and headphones for it, with $ left over.  My first bill included the $40 upgrade fee from verizon, which I was expecting.  My subsequent bill was actually a few cents lower than my plan without any data had been.  The phone is great, best buy was awesome, and there have been no surprises on my bill from verizon Smiley Very Happy  I'm super happy.

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

Congratulations to you!

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Re: Upgrade on Verizon

Hi rclederer-


I'm glad to hear everything worked out so well with your upgrade!

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