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US cellular service?

Hello, I was trying to upgrade my lg3 with one of the promotions that you've got listed. However I use US cellular for phone service and from what I saw, (I could've easily missed something though) you must have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or basically any service except US cellular. Currently I am happy with them as a service provider because they get the best cellular reception and their staff has always helped me when I needed it the most. My life would not function properly if I did not have my cell phone! Ridiculous yet the truth. I was wondering if you guys had any promotions going on that offer US cellular switch overs? I would love to upgrade my phone, especially for 1$... Mine is due to get broken the next time I sit down or turn around. Very clumsy. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks for your time, appreciate your help.
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Re: US cellular service?

sounds like a great promotion.  Unfortunatly Best Buy does not control the offers on upgrades from the phone carriers.



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Re: US cellular service?

Hi Cjablonski, 


Upgrading a phone for $1 is always an exciting prospect that makes upgrading incredibly affordable! I'm sorry to hear that you found the offer you were interested in not to include US Cellular. Most of our phones that are directly listed as US Cellular compatible devices are unlocked phones, which you would regrettably be unlikely to find for the cost of $1. You can check them out here, though.


Alternatively, while this may be a more costly option, you may want to contact the respective carrier about using a currently locked device on US Cellular's network. In some cases, you may purchase a phone (in your case, it would need to be at the unactivated price to avoid any contractual obligations with the carrier) that operates on the same type of network as your current carrier. In your case, US Cellular operates on a CDMA network. The intended carrier may unlock the phone to allow it to be used with US Cellular's services. The major carriers that operate on a CDMA network would be Verizon and Sprint. With this option, I would first encourage you to discuss this option with US Cellular and the intended carrier (Verizon or Sprint) for finer details. 

You can also check out Verizon'sSprint's, and US Cellular's Unlocking Policies by clicking the individual links provided.

I hope this helps! 

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