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US Phone in Germany

So I am in the US for a year and I was thinking of buying myself a Note 5 here.

However I am a little bit confused on where to buy it.


I am currently own a S5 on a AT&T plan, which could be easily changed.


I will not buy a Note 5 from Verizon or AT&T because they both are unrootable.



So what I got from searching on Google:


It needs to support GSM, so I can use it in Germany.

I can't use a T-Mobile phone on all other US carrier and vice versa.



What would be the best option for me?

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Re: US Phone in Germany

Your best bet is to get an UNLOCKED phone. Best Buy does carry a limited selection of unlocked phones that are not locked to any carrier, however keep in mind that you should check to see what your mobile standards are in Germany and make sure your device can be adapted to those standards. 


(Fun fact, my Grandma is from Germany Smiley Happy )

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