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The Apps That Made the Decade

It’s been an explosive last 10 years in the world of cell phones and connected mobile devices. We’ve seen these gadgets transform, evolve, and become an essential item carried by 67% of humans on planet Earth today. What started as a portable phone used for simple tasks like SMS text messages and phone calls, has now emerged into a sprawling digital world made up of apps that keep us connected 24/7. We’ve decided to look at the apps of the past to see what was popular back when all this was starting and compare them to what apps are essential walking into 2020.


First off, let’s take a look at the top mobile games from the beginning of the decade. Games like Angry Birds had just come out, along with Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies. Now these games are movies and merchandise, and it all started as an app. Compare that to the games everyone is playing now-a-days like Pokémon Go, PUBG MOBILE, and Candy Crush Saga. Maybe 10 years from now these will all be immortalized as well! If you’re looking to start 2020 right, these games offer plenty of adventurous and skillset building experiences.




Next, let’s transition to productivity. The one part of our cell phone that we like to think we do really well at, but also just let the app sit in that folder and never open it. Things have changed since 2010 when the Cloud had just been introduced and iPad and tablets were brand new. Ah, what a simpler time. It’s easy to see why Evernote and Google Docs would be the top apps of the time, followed by apps like Instapaper that allow you to bookmark web pages to be “read later”.  Now, we are more in to To Do Lists and project management apps like ToDoist and Trello. Both can assist in keeping your tasks easily organized and are super easy to navigate. Although, a classic never dies and Evernote is still a top app leading into 2020!




Finally, to the fun part. SOCIAL! Just when smartphones were beginning to take hold and the power of the internet was truly unleashed on a global and handheld scale, so did social media apps. We’ve seen this decade dominated by apps like Instagram that had +1,000,000 users in just two months after launching 10 years ago. We’ve seen previous giants like Myspace and Xanga fall and be replaced with new apps and platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. In 2010 Foursquare and Flipboard were some of the top social apps to have. Now, Facebook is dominating the social apps on the list nearing the end of the decade. Leading into 2020, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) are all the top downloaded social apps, not to mention the continued and growing use of Instagram, which is also a Facebook owned app. Okay, Mark, we see you!




So, is your phone ready with all the quintessential apps for 2020?

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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