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Sim Card Reader

I recently purchased an LG K8 2018. When I tried to put a sim card in, the sim reader didn't recognize it. I tried with two different ones and neither worked even though they worked in my old phone. What do I do?

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Re: Sim Card Reader

Hi, i think there must be a issue with your phone, may be that's the reason that you can,t insert your sim card in your phone.

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Re: Sim Card Reader

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Have you checked the pins? If they are fine, then the issue is with the SIM card reader itself. I hear there are constant issues with LG K8 2017 Sim Card Reader. And look at the Flight Mode, perhaps, you might have forgotten to switch it off.



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Re: Sim Card Reader

Generally this seems to be an issue with the sim card slot of the phone itself. Go to the best buy you bought it from and get a new replacement for it. Dont have to do anything else.