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Will this phone work if I just plug in my sim card from another T-mobile phone?
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Re: Sidekick

I once bought a T-mobile prepay phone from a local store and threw my sim card from my T-mobile monthly plan and it worked just fine.


You can switch sim cards between any T-mobile branded phone as far as I have researched online.   If it says another brand on it.. like cingular then cingular probably has the phone locked so ONLY cingular sim cards will work.

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Re: Sidekick

As the person above correctly stated, it will work. If you want data and the Sidekick you will need to call T-Mobile and ask for the Sidekick Data Package which will allow unlimited text, data, email, and IM. 


If you do get a locked AT&T/Cingular phone you could always get an unlock code online (you will probably have to pay though).