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Samsung Instinct Questions

Hi, just a couple of quick questions. I plan on buying a Samsung Instinct from Best Buy with a new Sprint contract, I'm just wondering if Best Buy sell mobile phones in stores and if they do would the Instinct cost me the same ($49.99) as it would if I buy it online? Also whether I buy it online or in stores would I have to pay a deposit to create my new account with Sprint?

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Re: Samsung Instinct Questions

Best Buy Mobile uses the same exact systems the Sprint Store uses.  Typically Best Buy Mobile will also be cheaper, as we do not have mail in rebates, they are all instant rebates, so you never have to mail anything in to get your money back Smiley Happy


If you happen to find it cheaper, Best Buy will match the price, as long as it is not a mail in rebate.

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Re: Samsung Instinct Questions

yeppers, sassums is right!

It was exactly what I did, I saw the $100 main in rebate from sprint on the Instinct a couple months back but while I was in my local bestbuy I noticed they gave you the rebate instantly and picked up the instinct. I liked the phone but ended up returning it(the touch screen just is not as accurate as I would have liked, but overall a nice phone) and I ended up getting a Touch Pro(touch screen, AND keyboard)....and love it!

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Re: Samsung Instinct Questions

The deposit depends on your credit. The deposit will be required if they do not see you as having stable credt, whether you do it online or in store.