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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and Watch Active FAQ

Reordered the 28th in Nevada
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Pre-purchase

Hello, jaoale,


Thank you for connecting with our team and welcome to our forums.


The Galaxy S10+ might be one of the best in the Galaxy series. So, I can understand why you choose to gift the phone to your wife. I assure you, our intentions are never to delay our customers pre-orders. As jdogg836 mention, delays can happen with pre-orders for a variety of reasons. It is best to keep an eye on your e-mail for updates regarding your pre-order. We appreciate you for being an Elite Plus customer and for your patience while we receive more inventory.



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Update on s10+ status please


I've pre ordered a Samsung Galacy s10+ blue 128gb. The status says "in progress" so I couldn't cancel even if I wanted. What does that mean for delivery? Can I expect it in the next few days? Will it take weeks? One customer said on his status it now says April 7th, I hope that's not the case here?
Please don't just give me "Keep an eye out for email" you must have some sort of communication with your supplier that you could pass on to your customers, "we don't know ourselves" seems just an excuse to pacify angry customers.
I don't mind a delay too much I do however mind the lack of communication and ability to plan my pickup. (I also do need the phone in a timely manner, my S8 is in need of repair and I don't have a backup so I can't have it repaired until I get the s10)
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S10 Plus Preorder delay

I preordered my S10 Plus as soon as preordering started. My confirmation email is timed 2/21 @ 12:15am Eastern time. Said I should've received by 3/8. As of 11pm on 3/7 I was assured I would have it to me by Launch day. I received email about delay about 1130pm 3/7. Went into local store at 10am when they opened to just have them cancel the online order and but phone from them. At 10:06am Best Buy redid my contract with Sprint and I lost my upgrade bc of it. I was assured my phone would ship out Friday and was boxed up and ready to go. This was once again Friday morning. It is now Monday morning and my phone still hasn't been shipped. My contract started over with new phone Friday and I don't have a new phone. I have been getting my phones yearly from Best Buy. First me and my husband get the new Note every single year as pre orders through Sprint and Flex Lease. Then we added our oldest son and his Galaxy S 8 plus then 9 plus. Recently our 2 youngest sons each with a galaxy S 9 plus. Now our 2 works phones which should be S10 Plus. Yea thats 7 phones a year best buy is losing out on. My husband went to Sprint and pre ordered his after me and received his phone on Thursday, meanwhile mine hasn't even been shipped yet, and God knows when it will be. This isn't ok with me. Why mine was fulfilled first, they can't tell me. I have been told many different things by best buy employees both on phone and in store. Because they redid my contract, my order couldn't be cancelled. This is NOT ok at all. What is the point of preordering if Best Buy won't acknowledge it properly. I have been loyal to Best Buy for many years now and this isn't ok with me. SMH. After this order I'm done. You didn't just lose 1 phone order Best Buy, you lost SEVEN Galaxy phone orders per year. Smh. This is NOT ok by far.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Pre-purchase

I'm getting the same useless responses from Best Buy support. I know its not the employees fault, but its really frustrating.  I talked to the store manager and he said that orders are fulfilled in the order they are reserved.  Which seems like its not true since like you I reserved mine over 2 weeks ago and I'm only 1 of like 15 people who didnt receive their phone at the store out of hundreds.


I've bought a bunch of stuff like you from best buy, and this is probably the last time I'll deal with them.  You shouldn't be taking that many reservations if you can't make them.  And if you do, you should own up to the mistake and apologize and give something to your customer to make up for it not some unhelpful response like "you'll get your phone."  Yeah no duh, but we reserved it to get it right away.  My girlfriend ordered it from verizon the DAY BEFORE release and got hers on release day, meanwhile I'm still waiting.


Definitely the last time I reserve anything from BestBuy

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Pre-purchase

I ordered my S10+ in Blue the first day of pre-ordering.  Up until March 8th at 6pm it said Preparing for Pickup.  On March 8th it even said Preparing For Pickup Today until 6pm where I too got that email message that said the order has been delayed and we'll try to get it to you by April 7th but if not, we'll cancel it for you.  Bestbuy knew days before they weren't getting enough on the phones to fullfill the preorders.  They should have notified everyone when they found out.  False advertising.  Last item I will preorder from Bestbuy again because this has happened with a previous preorder phone from them along with video games. 

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Re: Galaxy S10+ Preorder

Never pre ordering again from this company. Still waiting to pick up my S10+ that I preordered on March 5th. They have no way of tracking their shipments from Samsung I was told by a manager. SMH. Sad.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Preorder

Hello, I recently had a terrible experience with my Samsung Galaxy S10 preorder. Specifically with the in store pickup. I spoke to multiple people using the live chat function to ensure that it would work the way I wanted to before placing my preorder, and when I arrived in store on Friday 3/8/19, they turned out to be incorrect. The first hurdle was that the when I attempted to turn in my phone for the credit against the S10, I was told that wasn't possible because I had placed the order online and that they would have to issue me a gift card. That was annoying, but I at least understood the logic there. Then while the salesperson was on the phone with the customer service line, he was told that not only would I not be eligible for a reduction in the price of the phone, I was also ineligible for the promotional trade in price for my Samsung Galaxy S9. Instead of the $550 that I was assured by the live chat agent, I would only be eligible for $298 which is the standard trade-in price for a galaxy S9. They told me that if I had made the pre-order in person there would have been no problem, but since I placed the order online they couldn't do anything for me. This discrepancy is completely unacceptable. What is equally annoying is that while the salesperson I was working with was consistently polite and apologetic, some of his supervisors seemed indifferent to my problem and one of them was rude about the scenario, which I think is just adding fuel to the fire. I would like to be contacted by either the general manager of the North Haven, CT store or the regional manager to discuss further what Best Buy is going to do to make this right. I purchase a lot of electronics at your store and I believe that if this kind of customer experience continues, I will no longer be making purchases there and will move to online only retailers instead.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10 Preorder

Hello, Richolds,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to join us and choosing us for your cell phone needs. I understand the frustration will the miscommunication of the Terms & Conditions of this offer, which you can find at the bottom of the screen here. Thank you for allowing us to look into this for you.


First, please send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with some order details. Send me your order number, full name, phone number, e-mail address connected to your account, date it was purchased, and item purchased.


I appreciate your time patience. I look forward to hearing from you.



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Did Not Receive Sprint Trade Promo w/ Galaxy S10+ Preorder

I frequent Best Buy and, for the first time, decided to pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy S10+. I made my pre-order in store a week before release and confirmed with the associate that the trade in value for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ would be $400 altogether ($300 + $100 with Sprint upgrade). Instead of the $400 credit I was supposed to receive for my S8+ trade in as a Sprint customer, I only received $300 because Best Buy couldnt get their system to add the promotion. The BB staff tried their hardest to get it to work, even calling their "bridge line" for support, but they just kept getting hung up on. After finally talking to someone on the bridge line, they were informed to just complete the trade in and the promotional $100 would be applied, it was not. After 5+ hours of waiting, I ended up trading for the $300 value since it was clear that the promotion wouldnt be applied, but I will never again preorder a phone through Best Buy. That was a horrible experience. I think this should be classified as false advertising as the terms and conditions state for Sprint customers upgrading their phone, they will receive the promotional $100, but it did not happen.

Looking to speak with a support specialist about this to get the $100 promotional credit that I was promised when I pre-ordered through Best Buy in store.

Thank you