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S4 and Tab 2 deal

I just purchased my S4 (w/ $50 gift card) and a Tab 2 (7") at 50% off.


I must say this is my second phone dealing with the Mobile associates at the St. Cloud, MN store and I have to say once again I am very impressed with their level of competence and professionalism.


I had ordered it online and came in to pick it up Saturday.  The mobile department was pretty busy, but they had a floor person (Marcus) who was making sure everyone that walked into the department was talked to right away.  He was not there to assist people with their purchase but to more or less queue them up and assign an associate to them as soon as they became available.  It reminded me of battle field triage.


The woman who helped me was quick and efficient and yet took the time to make sure I was asked all the questions I should be asked and made sure I had everything I  needed.



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