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Questions on upgrading my phone first time

I have been on Tmobile for 15 years and never bought from Best Buy. I either bought phone off amazon or ebay.

Just giving history to say that I have never upgraded a phone. I am planning to buy a samsung galaxy phone here in Best Buy so had some questions that I'd appreciate answers to.

  1. So, upgrade is just a fancy term to get a new phone on same line without changing my plan (grandfathered plan) right? I guess there'll be upgrade fee of some sort but nothing more than that right. My skepticism comes from the fact that upgrading the same phone costs much less than buying without activating. I checked a unlocked phone which costs 200 more if I buy unactivated but if i upgrade it becomes 200 cheaper. 
  2. I'll be buying online and trading in. I see that I have to go to store to pickup aphone and surrender my trade in phone. Would I get opportunity to transfer data from my old phone to new by connecing (and not using online backup) while swapping or should I give my trade in before I can access new one?

Thank you for the answers.

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Re: Questions on upgrading my phone first time

I strongly suggest backing up before doing any kind of transaction for upgrade or trade in. Google Drive and iCloud are your friends. Have never been on any kind of a post paid plan but back in the days of the old Metro PCS, some people had unlimited plans they did not want to let go of, so when their phone broke, they had to specifically buy a phone that supports the plan and if they upgraded to a newer phone, they would lose that plan immediately and forced onto a new one. 


Before buying, I would go into the cell phone store you're looking and ask them. You can also ask them on Social Media as well as T Mobile and the other carriers are pretty responsive. Then you can come back to Best Buy and a Mobile Specialist in store can help you perform the upgrade. 

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