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Planning on basing new phone purchase on Go performance. Question

I've been playing go on a S7edge for as long as I can remember. Is there an opinion on whether the edge screens cause throws to become weaker due to the contact surface rolling away from your finger? Or perhaps stronger while in a case, due to the freedom to follow through without your finger hitting a deep bezel?

Do oversized screens (maybe 6"+) become a nuisance to play on?

Lastly, would Sprint's unlimited basic's throttle speed of 2Mbps for videogames ever cause problems for Go?

My experience has been entirely on a unthrottled AT&T galaxyS7edge and im hoping to get some perspective on improving my experience playing.


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Re: Planning on basing new phone purchase on Go performance. Question

I personaly stay away from the Edge technology becuase I am going to put a protective case on my phone to make it easier to hold and protect it from drops. 


While a 6" phone would be awesome for playing I think it would get cumbersom to carry in your pocket.

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Re: Planning on basing new phone purchase on Go performance. Question

Hello, farkhispe, 

Thanks for visiting our online community. A new phone is quite an investment, so I understand why you’d want to gather some insight before making the purchase. 

I see bobberuchi brought up some great points. I always use a protective case and screen protector for my phones, which could potentially have an impact on the features you mentioned. I also agree, while the larger screen would be great for gaming, carrying that size device is not always ideal. Ultimately, that would be a personal preference. Sprint’s throttle speed would be enough for you to game, although it is possible you could experience periodic latency. 

Other community members may have opinions to share. I hope you enjoy your new phone, no matter which model you ultimately decide to purchase! 


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Re: Planning on basing new phone purchase on Go performance. Question

I love threads like this. Recently my iPhone 6S is becoming outdated so I got a new iPhone XR on Tracfone for $299


Love my new phone and it works good. I can tell you I have no problems carrying it with a case. In my front pocket. It's paired with an Apple Watch Series 3 which makes life even better! 


To answer your question about gaming, this is going to sound strange but I specifically bought an iPod 7th Gen a couple of years ago to leave games off my iPhone XR. It does good even though it has a 4" screen, I have no problems playing games on it. It's Wifi only though. 

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