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Pay with PayPal Option Missing



I figured I'd try reaching out to the community for an answer to my issue. I'm trying to pay for a new unlocked phone in full with PayPal to take advantage of a linked credit card's promotion. I've made purchases on multiple times this way. When selecting the phone, the Google Pixel 3, I'm given the option to "Activate Now" ($449.99) or "Activate Later" ($499.99).


I have an active Verizon Wireless account I'll be using for the phone. Activate Now incurs an additional $40 activation fee. I thought I could just put my SIM card in, but per Verizon, this is a charge incurred when upgrading.


If I select Activate Now, the option to pay with PayPal is missing. If I go all the way to select payment method, PayPal is not shown here either. However, if I select Activate Later, I can pay with PayPal. Does anyone know why this is? I've Googled, I've called my local BestBuy store, I spoke with a corperate number CSR, and I've even checked with PayPal and no one has an answer. I'm guessing it has something to do with being an upgrade through Verizon when selecting Activate Now.


I'm on hold with Verizon now to see if I choose Activate Later if I'd still incur the $40 fee after putting my SIM in. I really don't understand why that fee is there. If the fee is not present when selecting Activate Later, then the promotion would make that option a net gain in my favor, over Activate Now and eating the $40 fee without my card's promotion.

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Re: Pay with PayPal Option Missing

Hi, Malithar, 


Thanks for writing to us here on the Best Buy Forums!


As someone who's worked in and out of the Mobile Department since joining Best Buy over six years ago, I know that sometimes the fees and terminology can get a bit confusing. I'd be more than happy to go over this with you to make sure that we are on the same page. 


To begin, the difference between Activate Now and Activate Later is if you are looking at renewing your contract with Verizon. Selecting Activate Now will put the price of the phone ($449.99) on installment payments on your monthly bill with Verizon, and you'd only pay the taxes for the phone at the time of purchase. Since this is renewing the Device Payment plan with Verizon, they charge the $40 activation fee. 


Now, Selecting Activate Later is like buying the phone outright. This means that you would pay the full price of the phone ($499.99) at the time of purchase, and your contract with Verizon is not renewed. When you receive the phone, you can insert your SIM card and simply do what we call a Hardware Swap. This does not charge the $40 with then since no contract was renewed to activate your new phone (since it was paid for in total in the beginning and not financed with Verizon).


The reason that PayPal may not be available with the Activate Now option may have to do with the fact with taxes or the involvement of Verizon on the purchase, like you had mentioned. I apologize for the inconvenience with that. 


I hope this helps go over everything! Please be sure to let me know if there's anything else I can help explain for you. 



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