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New cell phone software for motorists?

According to a recent story reported by the AP, a Canadian company named Aegis Mobility has announced that it is working on software intended to help reduce the frequency of cell phone-related auto accidents.  The program, called DriveAssistT, is designed to detect whenever a cell phone is moving at vehicle speeds, and automatically prompts the service provider network to hold all in-bound calls and text messages until the vehicle comes to a stop.  The author pointed out that the program should still allow emergency calls to go through, but that callers would be prompted that the person they’re calling may be driving.


Personally, I’m not quite sure what to make of this type of development.  Hands-free devices and Bluetooth headsets have only become widely available within the past few years, and many states are already moving towards implementing laws that prohibit cell phone use while driving.  True, it might help minimize the danger caused by drivers that are more preoccupied with responding to a friend’s text message than the road, but it won’t necessarily stop people from trying to multi-task while driving.


What does everyone else think?


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