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New cell/data plan and new phones - Best Buy vs. Verizon

We have a shared talk and text plan from years ago with four phones on the plan, two of them being iPhone 4's (yes, they are old). It is time to upgrade all four phones and go to a shared family plan. I am looking to upgrade to three iPhone 6s's and one basic text/talk phone. When looking at best prices the iPhone 6s is $100 cheaper at Best Buy. What should I be concerned with if I am to go into a Best Buy vs my local Verizon store? To me regarding $'s I am saving $300 right off the top, but I am worried about additional costs (ex. activation, insurance, any additional charges from Best Buy).




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Re: New cell/data plan and new phones - Best Buy vs. Verizon

Hi B, 

Our sales change frequently, so it's great you may have caught the iPhone 6s on sale for $100 less than directly from your carrier. Generally speaking, purchasing with us should be very similar to purchasing with a carrier. With that said, you may incur activation charges that are around $35 but may vary by carrier.


Verizon may have their own insurance plans, but we offer service plans that are fulfilled through Geek Squad for most mobile phones. Very similar to most carrier insurance options, Geek Squad Protection plans allow you to pay monthly or up front for the cost of the service plan and if you need to utilize the plan, a service fee may be required. Check out more info here. However, we do offer AppleCare+ with iPhones.  

I hope this helps! 

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Re: New cell/data plan and new phones - Best Buy vs. Verizon

Looks like you want to do two-year contracts, but their are some benefits from going onto device payment.


Just gonna post an example of what your bill can look like for the four of you with six gigabytes of data to share with unlimited talk and text. Each line is going to have a $20 line access under the new 'Verizon Plan' and the device payment cost of each phone is going to be $27. With the data, line access, and device payment added up you get $248 plus tax and fees. The nice thing about this plan is since they are iPhones, after 50% of the phones are paid off you can upgrade early and turn your devices back in. With this way, your only upfront cost is the tax on the phones. (Should be around $38 per phone.)


Now, let's take the route if you were to do two-year contract on these devices. Your line access would go up to $40 per line since you are in a contract and you will pay two-year contract cost of each phone. So in this case you are paying $800 upfront, plus a $40 activation fee on each phone. Your bill would be $220 plus tax and fees. In a sense you are paying about the same for the phone over two-years, but your upfront cost is signifantly less.


I hope this helps you out. Also the nice thing about purchasing from BBY is that you get offered AppleCare+ on your iPhones. You can either by that upfront ($129/each) or pay monthy ($8/each) with a service fee of only $99 for accidental damage. If anything goes wrong that is manufacture wise in those two years, you will have no service fee.

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