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Lost My Beautiful Phone.

Yesterday while doing some great outdoor activities in upstate NY I seemed to have lost My Iphone 6s 128g. im so bummed. I loved that Phone. the big 128g version I am so happy with.. this was my 2nd Iphone I bought from best buy. my original was a iphone 4s 16g.... I signed a 2 yr contract with sprint again... I've been a sprint customer for many years, dating back to nextel days... I don't believe I have any type of coverage insurance wise on my phone... im usaully very careful about this... so my question is--  I really wanna just walk into best buy and Buy another one for my self and put these bad feelings behind me,, but,,, If I already signed a contract back in april and have no insurance, how much will the totoal cost of a sprint Iphone 6s 128g be? im hoping the unactivated price is not what im looking at.  Please let me know any info that can help my dilema.

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Re: Lost My Beautiful Phone.

Hi ChristopherMcNally, 

Coming to the realization that one's lost their phone can be pretty upsetting. I've had my iPhone stolen, and loving the device as well, it was quite disconcerting! I'm truly sorry to hear you may have lost yours during your outdoor activities in upstate New York and hope that your loss of phone doesn't detract from any great memories you may have made. 

With that said, to replace the device without upgrading via a lease, installment billing, or 2-year contract with Sprint, you would be looking at paying the unactivated price. I'm sorry that I don't have better news for you in regards to this. 


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