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Looking to join Verizon through Best Buy but..

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Hi I'm intrested in a 64gb iPhone SE using the $49.99 2 year contract option. I have no interest in paying for the phone monthly. I would also like a basic phone on a 2nd line. I was told that would not be able to add a 2nd line with a basic phone through Best Buy. Please tell me this is not true as Verizon corp stores only have the pay per month option.


Thanks Willie {removed per forum guidelines} aka Funky Chicken

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Re: Looking to join Verizon through Best Buy but..

Unless you pay for the phone outright at somewhere between $600 to $900 you will pretty much have to go with a monthly payment on the phone on a new 2 year contract. 


Unfortunatly the basic phone give you an issue becuase it does not need a data plan.  As far as I know from trying to get phones for my kids it seems one of the only options for basic phones these days seems to be no contract. 


The $49.99 option is what you pay for the phone first. If you add up the 24 month payments is is almost the price of the phone. 

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Re: Looking to join Verizon through Best Buy but..

Hi Willie, 


It's awesome to hear you're interested in an iPhone SE and a basic phone with Verizon! While the iPhone SE shouldn't pose any issues with a 2 year contract, you are likely to run into some trouble with the basic phone you mentioned.


If we and Verizon have advised we would not be able to add a basic phone to your plan, unfortunately it doesn't seem like it would be a possibility, and I would suggest looking into the prepay options as suggested by Verizon. I understand this may not be what you were hoping to hear, and I apologize for any disappointment that it may cause you. 


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