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Kudos to Store 467

I realize there are a lot of upset people on this forum.  On it's face, it would appear that like 95% of the BB iPhone4 preorderers had a horrible experience.  More likely than not, however, a person who had a good (or even a great) experience won't bother to post something.


So I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Raphael and Brandon at store 467, as well as Jacob of course, who were absolutely fantastic throughout this entire, crazy, process.


I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend, with or without an iPhone4.

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Re: Kudos to Store 467

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Your assumption with the good vs bad experience posting is what we have found to be the case since we launched this forum almost two years ago.  I know that, personally, I don't go out of my way to let someone know when something went as expected; but, I do go out of my way to let someone know of my complaint.


We appreciate all types of feedback here and do everything we can to make sure it is heard by the rest of the business.  In your case, I will be happy to pass this feedback on to the GM of 467.  Thanks for posting!

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