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Keeping the Halloween Ghoulies Away

You know that when the leaves start changing, the air gets colder, and the sun seems more like an old friend, that Halloween is upon us. With it comes a wide assortment of creepy crawlies that are looking forward to playing tricks on you. Luckily, some of your favorite Best Buy moderators do some ghostbusting in their spare time and have some tips to help keep you safe.


Some say ghosts appear when unfinished business causes them to stay in our realm. The same goes for the spirits of cellphones when they are forced to deactivate before they are ready. Just think about all those times you've dropped or almost dropped your cellphone without having it in a protective case. This has happened to me a few times, and each time I saw my own life flash before my eyes. So, was it scary for me? Absolutely, but it pales in comparison to what my cellphone must've felt. Now that I've become a ghostbuster, and have chatted with a few spirits of cellphones past before helping them cross over, I know that a good case could potentially prevent the untimely passing of your device. So, if you aren't into being haunted, we have options for almost any brand of phone, including iPhone, Samsung, and more.


Any time you investigate your typical abandoned house, creepy cabin in the woods, or mysterious cave, you're going to find spiders and their webs. Have you ever seen a shattered cellphone screen and noticed the weird designs that appear? Some may believe that this is just the way glass shatters, but others speculate that these are tiny spiders' webs, and on them, small spiders patiently wait to enter your brain.  To help ward off any web making on your phone's screen, we recommend a screen protector. This way, if your screen protector has one of these mysterious web-like images appear, you can quickly replace the screen protector with a new one. Even better, our Blue Shirts can help install these to make sure you're adequately protected before your next adventure.


Not quite alive but mostly dead? To me, that sounds like a zombie or a cellphone after a long night navigating the dark. Fret not my friends; a portable cellphone charger can help you keep that cellphone battery alive, so your flashlight stays ready to help you escape the zombies. Check them out here. 


At the end of the day, we get it, everyone needs a little backup when keeping the ghoulies away. Rest assured, our Geek Squad is here and can help if the ghouls get a little closer than you were hoping this Halloween. With our Geek Squad Protection plans, we can help repair or replace your phone if the worst happens.


Now that you've heard from our experts, do you have any tips to help prevent your phone from entering the spirit realm? Let us know, so we all can be a bit safer this year. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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