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It's the pixel 3 that good?

Tech critiques make it seem like it's so plenty higher than the pixel 2. that is making me think if I must improve from my Pixel 2 to the 3

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Re: It's the pixel 3 that good?

I have had my Pixel 2 since the beginning of this year and I really like it. 


There are some statistics that greatly interest me.


Physically the phone is the same size, but the dimensions of the screen are 1/2 larger diagonally. 


The processor is faster. It is usually a given that new models of a phone line almost always have a faster processor. I have always been impressed how fast my Pixel 2 is.


The camera is the same. And the Pixel 2 has a great camera


But what interests me the most is the new display on the Pixel 3XL is nearly full 4K resolution. 


I am also impressed by the price point on the Pixels. If I didn't have 18 months left on my contract I would be snatching one up.

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