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Is anyone else not terribly impressed with Android 10?

Hello everyone,,

As an exclusive user of Nexus and Pixel phones since my very first smartphone, I don't think I've ever had an update feel so... underwhelming. Some things I don't like about Android 10:

New gesture mode is (in my opinion) utterly useless given that it breaks the "swipe from the side to open a menu" that most apps use (I know that you can still do it, but having to tap, pause, then swipe is incredibly slow and annoying

Snoozing notifications killed for absolutely no reason

Dark mode isn't even supported by Google's own apps yet

New features just feel really slow, like switching into dark mode pauses the phone for quite a noticable sec. (Running a Pixel 2) It isn't terrible, but it's a feeling that my phone hasn't really ever given me yet, and it feels kinda freak that an update is giving it to me.

Does anyone else agree or disagree? I'm really not trying to just and moan, I'm curious as to the consensus opinion on this update is.

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Re: Is anyone else not terribly impressed with Android 10?

The first several phones I have had were pre-smart phone.


I have had a number of Smartphones starting with the one simply called Droid. 


All of those smart phones were Samsung Galaxy's until I acquired a Pixel 2XL



I have administered my wife and kids iPhones for almost a decade.

My company has iPhones and last October they gave me an iPhone XL.


I have always had a low image of iPhone and since getting one and using it for a number of months I am incredibly less impressed than I was before.  Granted the Camera is most excellent but that for me is where the comparison ends.


My favorite phone of all time was my Pixel 2XL.  However, not comparing the hardware I have found the Android OS to be significantly more friendly and adjustable to a users needs.


Several of my biggest gripes about iPhone OS is it will automatically often outdate itself after a couple of years forcing you into new hardware to accomidate the new build.


iTunes is frustrating in that it will take control away from what you want to do with it when you hook your phone up to the PC.



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