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Insurance Issues

Best buy has a serious problem on their hands. Their employees are telling people that their phone will be replaced no questions asked if they buy the insurance. I was told today on the phone, that my phone was insured against moisture. I took the phone in 1 hour away and was told that it does not cover moisture. I believe with all the feeds i have copied off here there needs to be a class action law suit. Hard working people are being flat lied to. !!!!!!!!! 

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Re: Insurance Issues

The protection plan covers liquid spills, but not full submersion in water.

Also, this thread will likely be removed as threats of legal action violate the Community Guidelines.

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Re: Insurance Issues

When you hit accept on the signature pad saying 'I have received and agree to the terms and conditions' you agreed to the legally binding contact that is the terms and conditions, so good luck with the lawsuit.
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