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If you had an android in 2019-2021 and switched to iPhone, what made you switch to iPhone?

if you had an android in the years 2019-2021 and switched to iPhone, what made you do switch to iPhone? I'm asking because I used to have iPhone 4 back when it launched and since then I switched to android because of some personal family reasons, I currently got an S7 edge and I actually want to switch back to iPhone, I'm planning to switch to iPhone 13 when it'll launch and buy the newest AirPods with it, now I see many people saying it feels smoother even though the iPhone is 60hz and the most recent androids are 120hz, what do you mean by smoother? and even though it looks like the latest android got better specs then the latest iPhone, did it matter to you or you didn't really feel a difference? (sorry for the paragraph lol)

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Re: If you had an android in 2019-2021 and switched to iPhone, what made you switch to iPhone?

I went to an iPhone becuase my company gave me a company phone and all our phones are iPhone.


If they decide I no longer need a company phone I will go back to Pixel. I had Nokias, Motorolla, and a string of Samsung Galaxy's.  I really liked the galaxy but the Pixel is the best phone I have ever owned. 

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Re: If you had an android in 2019-2021 and switched to iPhone, what made you switch to iPhone?

One reason I got it for myself a couple of years ago (A brand new iPhone 6S) was because of the layout of the screens and also the ability to easily connect with family during this pandemic. All of my family have iPhones and texts messages are better versus regular sms capabilities on an iPhone.


Its just an easier experience. However they got rid of the finger print reader in many later models, the only one right now with the finger print reader is the iPhone SE 2020 model. Some MVNOs are still selling the iPhone 7 and 8 as budget models and have them.


My husband has an iPhone 11 Pro and I can't stand the way it operates, you know to close previously open screens and so forth I'd have to spend a day to learn all of the devices capabilities.


One thing that made the iPhone experience so awesome was that I bought an Apple Watch Series 3, 1 year after getting my iPhone. It helps me keep track of my activity and lets me know if I'm not moving around enough and also keeps track of my heart rate at night.


In the San Francisco Bay Area you can now use a transit card called Clipper on your watch for a contactless experience for paying for your fare and reload your card through the app. Also you can use it to pay at the grocery store ETC. Just look for the contactless payment thing.

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