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IOS problem

Hello there

please, someone could help me and explain me what happen?

Two days ago, i receive on my iPhone a message to confirm my password of iCloud because i was paired a new apple watch (just for testing propose ). So i´ve done it.

After that, i receive a message on my iPad that there was a new iPhone session on my iCloud account.

But everything keeps working as meant to be. All iMessages, reminders, calendar etc.

But today as i arrived at home, and turn on my mac, my iMessage application it was blank requesting for me to put my apple ID and my password. So i did it. After that i receive two new messages, one on my iPhone, and the other one on my iPad as a new mac was detected. So far so good, even i don't understand why my mac was detected as "new" but only for iMessage....

The problem is, all my messages after 01/03/19 don't appear on my mac. only the new ones that i wrote some minutes ago.


Someone could explain what happen ? and why on my iPhone and my iPad everything its fine, and on my mac, the iMessages only appears at 01 of March.


many thanks