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Existence of built-in analog FM radio.

Several Android smartphones on the BestBuy website report the following (under Product Features):



Listen to music and news with the included FM radio app

Scan for new stations, store your favorites and record audio directly from the radio.


Does this app enable the built-in analog FM radio (in which the headphones act as an antenna) and does it provide free FM radio but only for local FM stations?  In an emergency, the cell towers might be down, but the local FM radio stations will broadcast emergency information.


Or is it streaming digital FM radio which consumes minutes and which requires operational cell towers?



The smartphones I am referring to include:


1.  Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro  (and also Total Wireless)

2.  BLU S1 4G LTE

3.  Orbic - WONDER 4G LTE

4.  Simple Mobile - LG Fiesta 4G LTE

5.  Simple Mobile - Z Five 2

6.  Simple Mobile - LG X Style

7.  LG Phoenix 3

8.  BLU Vivo XL2 4G LTE

... and others



The well-known NextRadio app states that this FM radio app is not their app.



Checking the TracFone website for the Galaxy J3 Luna Pro smartphone, nothing about this FM radio app is stated.



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Re: Existence of built-in analog FM radio.


  • yes, my BlackBerry KEYone offers a radio function. Does not work with all headsets. I wonder is it because the cables are shielded.
  • my FM stations play mostly music, I'm not expecting FM stations to relay much disaster information
  • battery life....  in a disaster, I would not want to be playing my phone for extended times.  That glowing screen will kill the battery life.  Even if you have a portable battery, you may be unable to charge for several days.
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Re: Existence of built-in analog FM radio.

Good day ebserbin,



after looking into the LG phones you listed, (LG Fiesta,L G X Style, LG Phoenix 3) I was able to confirm they all have FM radio capabilities either in their manual or spec sheet.


for more information please feel free to check out the manuals or spec sheets at