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Due for an upgrade; considering Best Buy Verizon Mobile

My wife and I are nearly ready to upgrade our phones.  Since Verizon no longer does 2 year contracts (I thought we would be grandfathered in, but turns out we are not), we have the liberty to buy our phone from whomever has the best deal.


If we consider upgrading at a Best Buy Verizon Mobile, can they upgrade our phones with the current information we have on file at with Verizon?  Right now, we get an 18% employee discount (not sure what this exact discount is called, but I am sure it's popular); will we be able to continue to get that?  Also, we have had our credit lines frozen because of the Equifax hack; will they need to run hard credit checks if we are currently Verizon "valued members"?

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Re: Due for an upgrade; considering Best Buy Verizon Mobile

Hey RandomDude,


Hopefully I can get this answered for you. Best Buy mobile should be able to activate service onto your current Verizon account. I'm not sure what employee discount you are talking about, but if you do qualify for some employee discount with Verizon you should be able to keep that discount. I'm not sure what a hard credit check is, but I do know the carrier does check a customer’s credit when purchasing a phone through them with an installment billing plan. I hope this helps.



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