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Discount on devices through work can I use at BB


I have a quick question I have a Service discount on att through my work.

The discount also includes a discount on unactivated devices.

My question is can I use the device discount at BB or do I have to go through att.

I love BB and would love to buy my next phone there


thank you

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Re: Discount on devices through work can I use at BB

Hi gizmob, 


Receiving a service discount with AT&T through your company is a fantastic benefit! I imagine that you would need to go through AT&T to receive this discount, but depending on how the discount is applied, you may be able to make your purchase through us. I would encourage you to reach out to the appropriate team within your company for more information on this discount to see how you obtain it.


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Re: Discount on devices through work can I use at BB

I have a discount for Verizion or ATT via my work as well.  It does not include hardware only on the monthly plan.


Mine is 22%.  What you need to do first if you already have an phone number via your carrier is get an online account set up with them.  Then you go though their process to verify your employment.  For me I had to register it with my work email account.  I still use my personal account to get email however. 


Then it was automatically applied to my services.  I have picked up my last 3 phones at BB and it was seamless, the associate even confirmed it for me on the screen.  I did get my wife's last phone at the Verizon store and not an issue.


And even if it does not you can get in contact with the carrier and they can fix your bill. It works really well.

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