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Charging puck partially submerged in water

Hi all, have an odd question. My watch charger accidentally fell into a glass of water when I was moving things on my desk and was in there for awhile (maybe a couple hours?) before I realized it. The glass only had about an inch of water in it so the puck piece was the only piece in the water and was not fully covered. Is it still safe to use or do I need to go buy a new charger tomorrow? I know if I had dropped the USB end in water it would be a no go but can’t find good info on just the puck getting wet.

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Re: Charging puck partially submerged in water

I am assuming you have an Apple Watch. From discussions I read online in the Apple forums you should purchase a new charger. You don't want to risk the damage to your watch.


Best Buy has an Insignia brand for $24.99 here:


Official charger can be found at


One thing, do not trust these cheap chargers online on well known auction sites. I can speak from experience I tried one once and the charging component got so hot that I removed it to prevent damage to my watch and went to get the official one. 


The Insignia products though do go through rigorous testing so you should be fine with it. 

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Re: Charging puck partially submerged in water

If it was not plugged in you should be able to recover it.  Water won't hurt electronics unless they are energized.


Same for the USB end. 


You need to fully remove any water. 


Start by putting it in a container and complety covering it in rice for a few days.  If if was something you could open it would not take a few days. 


Then if you happend to have a dehdryator put in there at 115F for 8 hours.  


Then when you test it out use a power strip.  Test it out and if you smell any buring or see any smoke turn off or unplug the power strip.

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