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Help it does not work in Brazil

I bought a cell phone at your store in Florida mall - Orlando (05/11/17) where the seller sold me informing that the cell phone would work in Brazil, I arrived today from travel and it does not work in the networks from here what can we do to solve this problem?
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US Reseller Flex Policy - unblocked iPhone 7 Plus

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I have a very big problem. So I bought an iPhone at BestBuy in NY. I asked for an unblocked iPhone to use it with a foreign carrier and they sold me said phone.

After arriving overseas, I put a SIM card in the phone but the iPhone tells me the SIM Card is not valid.

After some research, I realized that the phone is not activated yet but comes with a "US Reseller Flex Policy".

BestBuy is little helpful. I am already overseas and flying back to the USA is out of question.

Is there anything I can do to get this sorted?
Danielly {removed per forum guidelines}

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SIM card blocked in Brazil

Hi, my name is Natalia and a live in Brazil, in april I made a trip to Florida and bought an iphone 7 plus in Best Buy Store (34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy #150, Destin, FL 32541, EUA) . At the time of purchase I certified with the seller that the device was unlocked and would work in Brazil; the seller confirmed me and said that everything was okay. When I returned from the trip and went to test the device in Brazil with my Brazilian SIM I had the nasty surprise that the device was blocked for brazilians SIM,  then I contact apple Brazil. They consulted my IMEI .They said that this iphone activation policy was: I should insert an American SIM in USA frist than I could use normally in Brazil . Why the seller did not guide me from this unlock policy????


Now I really need a solution from Best Buy to solve my problem. 


Waint return .

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Unlocked Samsung S8 from bestBuy

The unlocked version of Samsung S8 will work with international networks?. I would like to use it in India. Anybody have purchased and tried it?

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Hello, I need a help with my phone. It has US Reseller Flex Policy. What can I do that I can use it in Russia. Iphone was bought in one your store by full price. Please help me. 

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ATT locked the unlocked iPhone from BestBuy

I bought unlocked iPhone 6s from BestBuy, Longmont, CO. I specifically mentioned to the salesperson that I will be using this in India. I didn't even mention any US carrier to him. I put my ATT prepaid (GoPhone) sim in it for 15 days before my trip back to India. I was already using that for almost an year on other phone. There was no contract. When I came to India, no other sim is working in the phone. I contacted ATT and they told me that the sim is ATT locked and I should use there prepaid service on that for 6 continous months in order to get it unlocked. I don't get this. Kindly help me with this.


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Mobile phone with defect

Hello, I am Brazilian and I bought a BLUE cell phone in a best buy in LANCASHIRE on September 2th. When I arrived in Brazil, I saw that the mobile phone it is not working.

How can I exchange the mobile phone?

What can I do?

Task a lot, Juliana

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IPHONE 8 PLUS BLOCKED - Dishonest Sale from BEST BUY

Hello! I am from Brazil and I amvery upset with the Best Buy! I bought an Iphone 8 PLUS at Brooklyn Store and I asked for a cellphone UNBLOCKED! I told to the salesman that I was coming to Brazil and HER told me that won´t be a PROBLEM. But here this IPHONE isn´t working, because it is BLOCKED with T-MOBILE. I don´t have a NUMBER at T-MOBILE and they told me that can´t do anything without a number. The APPLE told me that BEST BUY SHOULDN´T SOLD a MOBILE BLOCKED to me, WHITOUT any information.  So, I need to get help to UNLOCK my IPHONE 8 PLUS. IF it won´t be POSSIBLE, I want my money back and I want my rights as a customer to be protected. Even foreiners pay taxes during puchase.   Iphone 8 PLUS purchased on Sep 23. From Best Buy Brooklyn. Sim card rejected at BRAZIL.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note8 FAQ

I bought an unlocked samsung galaxy note 8 last week and now i'm in Chile and the smartphone does not work with the local SIM cards, what can I do?

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unlocked iPhone 7

Good evening, some time ago I bought an iphone 7 in a bestbuy boston store, I paid full price for it, I activated the phone with a t-mobile chip to use on the holidays, and when I arrived in Brazil I could not use it because the sim card is incompatible. I already called Apple and they told me that it is the fault of t-mobile that is blocking and t-mobile tells me it's Bestbuy's fault. I already have everything printed and scanned to process both for irresponsibility with the customer.