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Re: Are the iPhone 11 unlocked models still reseller locked?

Hi! I bougth an Iphone 11 from bestbuy, put a simple mobile sim and it lock with the tmobile network. Any idea how to unlocked? Thanks in advace..
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Iphone 11 blocked

I need help to unblock some iPhone 11 cellphones buyed las week in store #1131 to use in COLOMBIA. The message in the screen it’s “Tarjeta sim no válida” (Simcard not valid)

Thanks a lot
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BEST BUY DOESN'T SELL iphone 8 International Unlocked phones at all....Clarify???

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To whomsoever it may concern,

I ordered a Iphone 8 for my friend in India on Nov 19th 2019 and planned to take it with me during my vacation. 

I was told by my friend that the phone doesnt work stating that the SIM IS NOT VALID and is not supported under the activation policy. 


I did send email on Dec 10th to Best buy attaching the bill copy and screen shots of these messages which came when we tried to enter using the India Sim card. I can provide all these screen shots,email and bill copy on request. 

I contacted my friend in the US to contact the Best buy customer care and we have recorded the chat conversation (12/13/19) which they had from which there was no useful information given to us. 


FInally im back here in the US and went to the best buy store , only to get very poor response from the Customer service desk. I spoke with the customer care number which they provided yesterday(01/03/20) and i was told that there are tow variants 

1. US unlocked phone & 

2. International unlocked phones. 

The agent very clearly said that BEst buy doesnt sell International unlocked phones at all... Which is surprising and not specified anywhere in thier website or any brochure.

She also specified that they have got many complaints in the past from customers hwo bought these unlocked phones beleiving that they are International unlocked phones and took it to India and raised complaints that this did not work. 


My Questions to BEst buy is..

1. What steps have you taken to educate customers to know that there are two variants like this? 

2. If you have recieved so many complaints in the past on the same issue , did u just wash away you hands stating that you have bought this phone and yo uhave to live with the issues.....

3.  When i go into you website and search for iphone Unlocked phones... many phones appear,,, No wherer it is specified that the phone WILL NOT WORK OUTSIDE US.... WHY???


Im sending this email hoping that no one in the future gets affected with this issue believeing that they have bought the right phone considering the volume of Indians staying in the US and so many phones being purchased without knowing this. Im requesting an honest reply on how to rectify this...




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Re: BEST BUY DOESN'T SELL iphone 8 International Unlocked phones at all....Clarify???

Hello, Karthickvimal.

Welcome to our Community Forums, and thank you for registering as a new user!

Your inquiries are valid and we hope that we are able to provide you the clarification you’re seeking for the future. As you know there are a number of benefits of purchasing an unlocked phone. All of the phones offered through Best Buy are touted for use within the United States and specific to use with carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, or Cricket wireless that use GSM networks.

When it comes to providing information regarding the usability of the phone unlocked, this information may be found under the features section of the each of the phone product details. Specifications for a phone is listed below the features, detailing to the purchaser the wireless technology used, along with other compatibility items.


Has this offer you some insight? We’d be happy to further discuss, or answer any questions you may have.


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I can't activate my phone.

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Hello! I need your help. Bought 11/20/19 in BestBuy phone as a gift to my son for the new year, for the full cost and the advice of your specialist that the phone will work in another country. When unpacking it turned out that the phone does not accept SIM cards of my country. An Apple specialist advised you to contact BestBuy. There is a purchase receipt {removed per forum guidelines}, the refund period has expired, it is not possible to return it in person. Please help in solving the problem. the holiday is ruined, the son is upset. It's been so long, and we can't use the phone. With respect , Eduard.

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Re: iPhone 11 bought with full price now locked to AT&T and this is ridiculous

I am having the same issue but mine is lock with tmobile network. I paid off call bestbuy and they said to call simple mobile, and simple mobile said they got nothing to di with this...Is incredible that you paid off 2 phone and now no one can help you to unlock your paid off phone... Did some one find any solution for this? I think we should make a forum online about this people....

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US Resseler Flex Police

Comprei um iPhone unlocked ,na Best Buy , e voltando ao Brasil , o telefone está bloqueado, e eu paguei por unlocked. 
como desbloqueio isso ?


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Iphone 12 bought with full price is still locked under AT&T new line plan

I bought a iphone 12 with AT&T contract but paid in full after trade in and promotion in bestbuy. When i put the AT&T chip during activation it is locked stating SIM LOCKED. AT&T was asking to check with bestbuy if they can help since its paid in full.


Can someone help if its possible to get it unlocked soon?




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Re: Iphone 12 bought with full price is still locked under AT&T new line plan

Best Buy doesn't unlock phones, that is a step the carrier normally handles after completing the contract terms.  In your case, they should see that it meets the requirement of not being under contract and unlocking it for you.  I find it odd that they would send you back to Best Buy to handle a task that only they have access to do. 


Note for the future:  buying a phone outright or paying off immediately does NOT mean iyour phone is automatically unlocked.  While Best Buy does carry unlocked iPhones, a quick glance at the products shows that we do not have them for the iPhone 12.  This means it will follow the reseller flex policy and lock to the first carrier SIM inserted into the phone.  Hope this helps.  Again, it would fall to AT&T to complete the unlock in your case. 

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