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Unlocked iPhone 7 is not unlocked.

I bought an unlocked iPhone 7 in your store in Manhatten. It turns out it is not unlocked! I live in Denmark, so going back to the store is not an option. I have tried calling multiple times. I finally got through but was disconnected after a few minutes. I called Apple and they said that you should be Apple to unlock it. What to do?
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Iphone blocked

Hello , My dad got an iphone8   on 04/04/18  on Best Buy he asked for the sale an unblocked phone once we would bring to London. Now I tried my SIM crd on it and is not working, went to apple store and this is wat they said


Problem Description/Diagnosis
Issue:  reports buying iphone las week on Best Buy while on holidays in the USA, however when inserting a SIM card it says sim not supported.
Steps to Reproduce: Observed the issue at the bar, iPhone has US Reseller Flex Policy, attempted to restore iPhone but did not change, I have partnered with a lead for advise and replacing the iPhone this time I’ll only toaster the policy on to the new iPhone and won’t solve the issue.

Cosmetic Condition: New
Proposed Resolution: Have advised to customer to contact retailer for further support as we cannot remove or change the policy.
Resolution: Service Solution
Reason: Other
Please I am waiting for a better solution ,since I payed full price for the phone to be able to use abroad
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Don't be Misled by Best Buy! They cheat you with so called "Universal iPHone"!

I have been shopping at Best Buy for years. But now it might come to an end. End by their "Universal iPhone" tricks.


My wife and I went to the best store, which located at 8401 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa, CA 91942, and purchased an "unlock" iPhone X. However, what they gave to us is not "unlocked" iPhone. It's a "universal" model which will be locked to a carrier on your first activation. For example, if you insert a T-mobile sim card into your new phone. It will be locked to T-mobile forever. Actually, they don't have any unlocked iPhone.  What they are selling must first be activated using any USA SIM but will actually LOCK to that provider. This is so-called "universal" iPhone. It's absolutely a locked phone. And no one at Best Buy told us the details about it. 


I asked for an unlocked phone and paid full price for it (actually best buy charge $100 more than the market price). They gave me a 'universal' locked phone instead. If it's not cheating, I can't come up with any other words. And I searched on google, I figured out that I was not the only victim. In fact, there are tons of unhappy iPhone users complaining about the same problem - that their “unlocked” iPhone became mysteriously locked.


The only thing I asked is my illegal right. I paid for an unlocked iPhone, I got it. If you don't have one, just don't charge me or mislead me with the wrong one without telling me any details. Anyway, I will keep fighting for my right. No matter how much it cost. And I hope my message can be an alert to any other customers who plan to shop at Best Buy.  If you are not that big fan of Best Buy. Just keep away from it. It charges more and misleads you. 


What's worse is their attitude towards their customers. When I talked to them about the issue. What they said are "There is nothing I can do". They don't even try to fix the problem. 


Anyway, keep alert and don't trust them.

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Verizon issue with "Unlocked" "Prepaid phone" being sold in BestBuy

Recently had to return phone. It was advertized as "UNLOCKED". After purchase, attempt to connect within Verizon was not successful as phone was registered as Verizon "PREPAID" phone.

1. Is there a way to buy a cell that is is UNLOCKED and NOT [Verizon] PREPAID from Best Buy? What a the phone/models.

2. Will those phone/models be compatible with Verizon 4G network?

3. How it can be checked before leaving a store, if it is possible to get UNLOCKED cell that is NOT Prepaid (is this really unlocked if it is?);


I am happy customer with BB, expect this particular misadventure. I would thing BB should be more explicit about "flavor" of the phones being sold to avoid getting bad rep over it.


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3 Iphones bought - 3 big problem

I'm from Brazil.


My cousing from Brazil also, Have bought 3 iphone 8 at Best Buy store in Dallas - USA.

During the purchasing she explain that she lives in  Brazil and needs 3 Iphone unlocked she paid the price for this. It means higher than locked cellphone.

She was thinking that everythng all right, once the seller told that the cellphone are totally unclocked, but no. When she arrived at Brazil and tried to open and for our suprise the cellphone are totally unlocked.

She called to T-mobile and the company told that is Best Buy problem, so we talked with Best Buy and someone told that it's a carrier'company mistake or Apple mistake. We talked with Apple and they also told that is Best buy problem,

So, we are very tired and frustraded.

Basically we agree that if we bought the products in a Best buy store you guys must have to solve this big problem.

We are living in Brazil and to us is very expensive making calls and more calls to Best Buy in USA.

The situation now is 3 iphone paid as unlocked product, and the reality is 3 iphone, 3 big problem.


Please we really apreciate a urgently solution for this big problem without more costs for us.


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Unlock iPhone 7 purchased from Best Buy

I purchased unlock iPhone 7 from Best Buy with full price payment, I used some in US with t-Mobile carrier and I would use it in Turkey with another carrier but I other carriers in Turkey don’t allow me to use it. I bought it as unlock but still seems lock. How can you address me to solve this problem?
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Verizon new account

6-29-19 switched from ATT to Verizon cellular service in Schaumburg IL store.


Verizon had an excellant promotion


Four lines, line one had existing phone to transfer

2nd  and 3rd traded in S6 and bought S10......300 credit on account for trade-in

4th just bought new S10 and retained current phone used on ATT iphone 7Plus for spare to use on verizon. Declined 


This is the issue, certain Iphone from AT&T will not operate on Verizon.


My complaint is that as I signed up holding , utilizing info from iphone and explaining that I intended to use my current iphone 7 Plus from AT&T on Verizon as a spare incase one new unit became inoperable.....declining the offered $450.00 rebate offered for the iphone..... NO mention of the fact that this iphone will not operate on Verizon when it is unlocked. 

After closing account with AT&T and finalizing payment of iphone 7 plus to have it unlocked..... I DISCOVERED THIS ISSUE.


What do I do NOW.

 Educate the service providers taking these new accounts. This doesnt break the bank but Verizon has Billion more than I do. That 450 would make me happier to have.


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Locked iPhone was sold to me as an Unlocked Phone by best buy!!!!

I bought an unlocked iPhone from Best buy - I paid for an unlocked phone but once I went to oversea and inserted a local SIM card phone didn't work! Went back to Best Buy store today, they said they won't be able to help me and you have to go to T-mobile store! 


I have been to T-mobile store, they told you can call to T-mobile support center, I called them and they said we can't do unlock for the device that we didn't sell! 


what is going on by Best buy! you put me in trouble and anybody doesn't want to solve this problem that Bestbuy caused to me!


I am so sad! I forced to buy a new phone and kept my iPhone inside of suitcase! 


I hope someone here can help me!

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Re: Locked iPhone was sold to me as an Unlocked Phone by best buy!!!!

All phones sold by Best Buy are intended to be used within the United States.
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Re: Locked iPhone was sold to me as an Unlocked Phone by best buy!!!!

what are you mean?

I bought an unlock the phone! and I should be able to use the phone all around the world! also to increase your information in could use this phone an oversea but just with T-mobile carrier!

maybe I couldn't explain the problem.

the problem is why my cell phone locked on T-mobile carrier?