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Iphone 8 plus

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My uncle bought an iPhone 8 plus with total 875,99 usd at Bestbuy
I don't know why i can not use in Vietnam, please help me to recheck it, it is locked or unlocked ?
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Iphone 8 plus sold as "unlocked" not activating in Argentina


10 days ago I bought an iphone 8 plus (paid 899.99 dollars). Asked the salesperson if it would work in may country, he answered the phone was unlocked and it would work anywhere in the world.

Tried to activate in Argentina, no luck.

I paid an IMEI query, the answer is "phone locked by Sprint"!

Sprint will not unlock the phone , they say they cannot do it since I have no account.

Apple says they cannot do it, only Best Buy can helo


Best Buy support only gives the alternative to return the phone WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE and will not receive international packages.


So , Best Buy, please give me a solution. The full responsability of the issue is on your salespeople who supplied misleading information. If you cannot unlock the phone, AT LEAST give me the chance of returning it in a reasonable ammount of time. (I just returned to my country and found this when tried to activate the phone)


Purchase data:

5999010    MQ8D2LL/A             899.99  
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Re: Iphone 8 plus sold as "unlocked" not activating in Argentina

What was the first SIM card inserted into the phone for initial activation? Was it a Sprint SIM card?


This has to do with the US Reseller Flex Policy, where iPhones sold outside of Apple Stores (like Best Buy) will basically will lock to whatever SIM is used for the initial activation.

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Unlocked Iphone 8

I bought an Iphone 8 to use on USA and Brazil, payed the price of an unlocked phone but now I can not unlock him, the seller told me that it was just put my Brazilian Sim card that I wont have any problem, but it´s not working. How can I do now?

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Iphone comprado no estado de Kansas

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Prezados, boa tarde.


Estou muito insatisfeito com o atendimento da best buy, meu primo comprou um Iphone X no USA pagando o valor desbloqueado e para nossa surpresa, ao chegar aqui no Brasil o Iphone X está bloqueado somente para uso nos USA.


Deste modo, gostaria de saber como proceder, tendo em vista que o aparelho está comigo aqui no Brasil, mas impossibilitado de utilizar, gostaria de uma solução rápida para que eu possa usufluir do aparelho, tendo em vista que tenho a formatura da minha prima agora dia 09/12/2017 e gostaria de utilizar o aparelho.


Segue o IMEI para que rastreiem o produto e combinem comigo uma forma para solucionar isto da melhor maneira possível.


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Blocked iPhone

Good night, im really upset about your customer service!! You guys sold me a blocked iPhone 8 when I asked for an unblocked one and now I cant return it. Where I can put a complaint??? Not even find how to do it in your web site.
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Re: Blocked iPhone

Hi Alenjandro. Sorry to hear about your problem. This same problem happened to me. Bestbuy sold me locked iphone for full price by saying it is unlocked. Sent to home country for my cousin and not working. By the time I got it back to US for return, 14 day return period is over. Stuck with it and want to return. Nobody is replying here. I am trying to contact the corporate members by email. Pls let me know if you find a solution. I will if I find one.

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Bestbuy Store lied about IPhone 8 working internationally.


In Oct 1st week, I purchased iPhone 8 Unlocked edition at full price ($699+tax) at Best buy store at E Ray Rd, Phoenix, AZ. The store agents assured me that this phone WILL work in outside countries, when other sims are used. They assured clearly that as long as the sim is not AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, Sprint, it will work with any international SIM worldwide and I can use it in India. So, I purchased it at the store.
(I was actually charged 799+tax, but when I said you were charging 100$ extra on top of original retail price, they verified retail prices for 20 mins and corrected the price to 699+tax. But anyway this is not a big issue.)
So i purchased and sent it to India to my cousin and it didnot accept any sim card at all. Without sim, it did not go to the home screen either. So the iphone was just a hardware piece which never started or activated. I spoke to Bestbuy (in US) over phone and in person at the store and also to Apple (both inperson and instore both in India and in US) for around 20 hours but nobody was able to make it work. The store guys at Bestbuy were also surprised why it was not working overseas and had no clue on getting it work. I was mentioned by Apple that this product was actually locked version and not unlocked. It was supposed to work with one of the major carriers in US only.
So, The only solution I had was to return the phone to Bestbuy. Unfortunately, at the time of purchase, nobody told me about the 14 day return policy for cellphones. Now it is almost two months and I received the cell phone back to my address in USA. And I want to return it and GET A FULL REFUND. And I donot want to be charged the restocked fee either.

I purchased another iphone 8 unlocked last month at APPLE store directly with the exact model no. and sent it to India. That one works perfectly. But Bestbuy's Iphone 8 unlocked version with that exact model no. did not work at all.

The Phone is in perfect condition and even the stickers are intact. And I need to return it to BestBuy for a full refund. Please let me know if you can provide the resolution or if you want me to email someone else.
Please donot get back to me saying refund cannot be processed. This is my first attempt in requesting for refund. If this fails I will need to take further steps by complaining to corporate HQs. I have a $700+ Phone lying at my place not activated and is of no use now.

I hope to find a resolution here quickly.

Thank you

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Can I send the iPhone from Brasil to the store at Fort Wort?

They said it wiorks but it don't they lied to sell
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Iphone x locked

Good Morning, Sorry for the possible spelling errors. I'm using a translator. On 01/10/2018 was purchased an iphone X 64gb model A1865, according to the seller the phone is unlocked and would serve in any operator in Brazil. But that is not what happened the telephone does not accept any chip, and it shows the following message "it is from an operator that is not supported by the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server" Yesterday I asked a friend to go to the store and ask for help, the possibility of unlocking the device or informing which operator he could be connected to. The information was the same as the device is unlocked and has to work in Brazil. Here in Brazil I went to the apple and my operator to request a new chip and nothing solved. I would like to know your orientation, is there a possibility of unlocking the device by IMEI? Is it possible to tell which operator is connected? Thank you.