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Can someone explain the benefits of Android over iOS to an iPhone only user?

I've only ever used an iPhone for my smart phone, but I am on the verge of wanting to switch over to Android. I've never used Android before so I really don't know what the benefits are over iOS, other than being able to change themes.

Maybe some previous iPhone users can jump in and explain what they like about Android in comparison to iOS.


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Re: Can someone explain the benefits of Android over iOS to an iPhone only user?

It really cannot be done. Meaning it is mostly a preference for the user.  And most people who may attempt to answer this question really cannot because they have only ever owned one or the other. 


I was an Android user until 2 years ago when I got a company phone and they are all iPhones


Android you can continually update the version, I just looked at my old Pixel 2 and it is updated to Android 11.  Many if not all Apple devices will only allow you to update the iOS so far.  Then you try to get an app or update an app and you cannot because your version is to old.


I find having the iPhone hooked into iTunes to be cumbersome. I miss having my Google Account as my log in on my phone and find it to be smoother in terms of activating a new phone and transferring your settings. 


To me personally the Pixel 2 is the best phone I have ever owned. It was faster than my iPhone and the camera was outstanding. 


another personal preference is that with the Android phone it has a home screen it starts up on. I put my most common apps on that home screen. It also shows the weather, which for me is something I like to look at often.


iOS uses facial recognition. Which for the most part works awesome. My Pixel (not necessarily an Android thing) has a fingerprint reader on the back side, which turns out to be very convenient.  It works in the dark, it works when I am wearing a mask, when I dont' have my glasses on, and I can unlock my phone in the same motion as pulling it out of my pocket. 


One of the bigger benefits of iPhone was the Lightning connector for charging. Now Androids have gone to USB-C so that point is moot.


However, when it comes to tablets to me iPad is the only way to go.  However, the part about the iOS expiring has been the reason why I have upgraded iPads.



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Re: Can someone explain the benefits of Android over iOS to an iPhone only user?

If you want to get into the world of Android, without spending anything there is a program called Blue Stacks which emulates the Android operating system. You need a pretty powerful computer for the emulation , however. You can decide then if the android experience is right for you or not.


One of the things that I like about iPhone is the simplicity and ease of use, I had been an Android user for most of my life but found that the top end models are cost prohibitive and if you try and buy a budget one you will dissapoint yourself. They tend to be only 16 to 32 gb models. So you can't do much with that.


Maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tablet may be right for you over a phone.

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Re: Can someone explain the benefits of Android over iOS to an iPhone only user?

Hello, Jeminijames!


Thank you for reaching out about this and welcome to our online Forums! This is a question as old as time, hah! Even then, it still doesn't have a clear answer. As mentioned by both Bobberuchi and Hockeycanuckjc, this is completely personal preference. Some people will move a certain way because of what they need to use for work. But, otherwise, it depends on a few variables. 


If you're looking to have the easiest experience, I would recommend an iPhone all the way. Personally, I am an Apple user and I have no reason to look any other direction. Apple's integrated ecosystem with its other products make it easy to seamlessly swap from device to device, and makes the most sense for what I want. Furthermore, they'll consistently snap some of the greatest pictures and videos compared to the entire market. Hockeycanuckjc makes a good point with software incompatibilities. But, you'll only see this if you have a device over 4+ years.


On the flip side of it, I have had a Samsung tablet before and understand that there is greater customization on that side of the fence. Personally, I didn't have an issue with Android and thought it did a great job. While I don't have nearly as more exposure on that side, I understand that there's more flexibility and freedom of choice with Android. That's pretty much the deciding factor, in my opinion.


I hope this helped out! If you want a little more of a hands on experience, I would recommend heading into your local Best Buy! We can show you a few devices side by side to highlight some differences, and match it up to what you want out of it. If you have any more questions, please let me know!



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