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Can anyone help me with GPS booster for andriod phones?

I have an LG Volt (with Virgin Mobile service) that I was fine with until Pokemon Go came out.  My 15 year old has a Samsung 5s (new out of the box June 2016, on Straight Talk service) and we are both having GPS issues.  We've seen people with some sort of antenna sticking out of their headphone jack and I was wondering if we could get something as well.


Can someone offer me advice on what to get that's worth the time and money, a specific brand and type?


I need to upgrade my phone but that won't happen till Christmas.


I am having the issue of constantly losing my GPS signal and I'm not sure if it's my old style phone or the game itself.


15 year old is having strange issues.  His friend has Samsung 5s, no issues whatsoever but he never updated Google Maps.  My 15 yr old updated Google Maps and now we go to the park and his Pokemon trainer will not enter the park, he stands on the road.  We went to the library, then drove 30 miles away, the Pokemon trainer stayed at the library for the whole 30 mile distance!


I just want this to work.  Me and the boy finally have something we can do together and I'd appreciate greatly, any advice on helping this game work for us without spending thousands of dollars on iPhones  :-D

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Re: Can anyone help me with GPS booster for andriod phones?

Straight Talk often has refurbished iPhones on their website for cheap. Ever since the Verizon take over GSM network devices are no longer being sold at retail as all phones are Verizon based now.


In the case of Virgin Mobile it may be to your advantage to switch to Metro by T Mobile where you can often get phones for free. You usually have to do a port in and pay the taxes on the full retail amount of the phone. 


That LG Volt is outdated, very outdated and wont play many things anymore. I am not even sure if the Galaxy S5 is still receiving OTA updates for the phone as its also past its quality of life phase. 


I used to have a version of the LG Volt on Tracfone called LG Ultimate 2 which was similar to your phone except point 2 inches smaller. 


If cost is an issue right now, try to see if you qualify for the Best Buy Credit Card. That way you can get the new tech you want and pay it off over time. 


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