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Can I create a ringtone for all "Non-Contacts" calls?

I'm getting a bunch of spam calls that look a lot like my phone #. They tend to have the same first 6 digits as mine or at least the same area code of mine & my out of state family. It seems like this is a well-known spam issue that has no great solution. I have about 50 #s on my blocked list. So I thought of a workaround. Maybe I can give all calls coming in that don't match a contact in my phone a separate ringtone. Does a feature like this exist? I read that another option was to create a "contacts group" & add all my contacts to it then give it a ringtone. After that, all calls not from that list would have my default ringtone or what I give it. (Not a bad option as long as I don't have to add each contact manually) I also read there might be apps that separate In-contacts from non-contact calls & can set up ringtones. All the info I read seemed old & I'm not sure they work on my cell. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Re: Can I create a ringtone for all "Non-Contacts" calls?

What you need to do is set up a separate ring tone for your contacts

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