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Beware of LG mobile phones!

My LG G6 cell phone has had a minor, but important defect from the time I purchased it; the fingerprint reader does not work. It has been sent to LG’s service center in Texas FOUR times for the same defect and it is still not working.
I have tried to get them to replace the phone since they can’t fix it and even offered to pay the difference to upgrade to the V30 phone but they will not do that either.


LG makes some good products and I have several of them in my home but if this is the way they treat their customers when they have a problem then I will not be doing business with them again and I recommend that you do not either.

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Re: Beware of LG mobile phones!

Good day Rick,


I am sorry to head you are having issues with your cell phone,


What abou the finger print ID is not working?


Have you been able to check with Best buy / your cell phone carrier the fingerprint ID is being used corectly?


I wanted to ask if you have also checked with your carrier, do you have insurance on the device?


When sending the unit to LG, are you recieving the device been changed for a refurbished unit?


Here is an article I found on that may help with some basics (i know its not your same model but the steps should be the same)