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Better Phones and Service



-I think that the deposits are what kill consumers the most. For those with no credit (like me..) have a hard time getting the wireless provider/phone/plan they want because of these. A LOT of people my age (19), myself included, want an iPhone. You run a credit check at AT&T and you find out that you have to pay a HUGE deposit. Yes, you will get it back, but at the same time that's a lot of money to be putting down for absolutely no reason.


-T-Mobile has a very poor selection of phones. The best phones that T-Mobile currently has are it's Nokia's. They have the best signals, and with T-Mobile's skattered service, this is needed. 


-NO MORE EDGE, who wants to deal with 56kbs speeds in 2008???


-Why is a texting plan still so expensive? Really?




Devices (this is mostly aimed at T-Mobile)


-Fix the Sidekick. The signal is AWFUL. This is supposed to be T-Mobile's jem, and it's more of a nightmare. Why did they put out two new sidekicks (the 2008, and the slide) without offering their 3g service with it? I understand that at the time the service was unavailable, but it still could have been built in until it was ready like T-Mobile's other 3g phones.


-T-Mobile offers phones that are basically the rejects from good service providers, like Verizon. They feel cheap, suffer from poor signal strength, overpriced, and offer few futures.



Side notes


-iPhone killers, are often awful...see samsung instinct. How about, instead of trying to compete with the iphone, we make our OWN touch screen phone, that is aimed at people who WANT more from a a PHONE.


 -Text messages need to be all phones. Bigger inboxes for texts..If I have to pay $15-$25 for texting a month, I should have a nice inbox capacity. 


-My Faves is EASILY the best idea I've seen as far as cell phone service goes. I LOVE my faves.  




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Re: Better Phones and Service

I remember when I was 18 and dealing with that same issue. Luckily Sprint worked with me and I started out with a lame phone but no deposit. Once I got on good terms with them and proved I would pay my bill, it all went uphill...


Now, I'm 24 and do not miss those years because everything you do requires credit and when you're young, you don't have any established LOL.


As for "iPhone killers"....


Everyone that see's me using my HTC Mogul says it's WAY better than the iPhone. I posted about it/the features on this same board. You should check it out.

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Re: Better Phones and Service

I was 18 when I got my cell phone plan from T-mobile.  I didnt have to pay a deposit, and I had no credit card or any credit that I knew of.