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Best Winter Weather Practices for your Phone

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It’s the middle of winter, and you may find yourself in some pretty chilly (or even dire) situations – cars don’t start, snow storms hit and you’re stranded wherever you may be, or the cold simply drains your phone battery. I’ve compiled some apps and devices that will help you get through the winter!

Power up Your Phone


Whether you’re simply hitting the slopes and want to post some sweet pictures to your Instagram, or you’ve found yourself stranded somewhere due to a winter storm and need to contact someone, keeping your phone powered on is crucial. With the cold zapping your battery a bit faster than usual though, this can be a bit more difficult than you might imagine.


Whether your phone has an interchangeable battery so you can carry an extra with you or if you need to purchase a portable battery to charge your phone from, it’s a great idea to have a secondary power source on hand – especially one that doesn’t require an outlet in case the power goes out or perhaps your stuck in your car. I especially enjoy mophie which I’ve used personally. You can even choose a case that adds storage and battery in one! Why not just plug your phone into your car? Survival tips suggest not leaving your car on for long periods of time to conserve your car’s fuel and to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, which ultimately may not allow you to properly charge your phone.


Helpful tip: Just as most electronic devices have an optimal operating temperature, so does your phone. If your phone dies from the cold temperatures, wait until it can return to an appropriate operating temperature to power it back on unless absolutely necessary. Powering it on when cold may cause permanent damage to your phone’s battery life.


Useful Apps


Weather can change rapidly, so it’s always a great idea to keep an eye out for approaching winter storms, or for when one will pass. Ever notice that the default weather apps are a bit dull or perhaps not as in depth? I’ve found that the default weather apps just don’t give me the details I like to have. I discovered a wonderful app, Weather Underground, and have been using it as my primary weather app recently. Living in a large city, weather can be quite a bit different from one side to the other, and Weather Underground allows me to select particular weather stations to view more localized weather. This helps me to figure out when and if any storms will hit my particular neighborhood. Available on iOS and Android.


If you do find yourself stranded somewhere, particularly in your car, you may find yourself a bit flustered and trying to remember all of your survival tips. The Winter Survival Kit app allows you to do a great many things you can likely do on your phone without it, such as find your current location, contact emergency services, and notify your friends and family. So why bother downloading this free app? It also has helpful information regarding putting together a winter survival kit, preparing your car for winter driving, as well as timers and calculators for how long you can run your engine to keep warm and stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Available on iOS and Android.


Before I go down the road of this next recommendation, I have a few words I’d like to share. To all the food delivery drivers out there, thank you for braving the poor road conditions and storms so that your customers at home don’t have to. Sometimes you’re at home in a storm, and you haven’t been grocery shopping in a while. What are you to do? Order in. (Don’t pretend you’ve never made some poor pizza delivery driver brave the icy roads - we’ve all done it!) If you’re not feeling pizza or subs, you may want to check out GrubHub. Downloading the app allows you to search local restaurants for a variety of foods that can be delivered to your door right from your phone. Also – throw your delivery driver a bit of a larger tip if the weather and roads are terrible. Available on iOS and Android.


What apps and devices do you find yourself using most with your phone in the winter?

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Winter Weather Practices for your Phone

Just want to add.... when choosing a portable battery.  Lookup your phone's mah rating.  Then think about how much you want that battery to charge up.

  • Do you want something small and portable?
  • Something that can charge your phone a few times before the battery needs to be charged?
  • How about something much larger to also charge up your tablet?
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Re: Best Winter Weather Practices for your Phone

Winter is one season where we have to take extra care, we have to buy pouches and cases for mobiles to keep it warm since could weather could drop phone charging. Also dont plugin your mobiles while stormy conditions instead use bower banks.