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Amount of connection jitter MagicJack can handle

In the past, MagicJack would not work with my wireless connection. However, that was with an older MagicJack hardware and my connection has improved. So, I would buy a new MagicJack, if it will work. In past, I could hear

other party, but they could not hear me. Not enough upload speed and a unstable connection (jitter). 


But, the web site to test this says VoIP should work. It gave me the following scores: jitter 10.8 ms, packet loss 0%,  Moss score 3.9. An improvement for the past. Buying a new MagicJack would give me new hardware, which has to be better than 4.5 yrs ago. Anyone have an idea if a new MagicJack, will work as my home phone?


I don't like little cell phones. I prefer a regular desk phone, as my home phone. If I have a long conversation.