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Accessory of the Month: olloclip

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Welcome to a new series I will be doing my best to keep up with! Each month I will be posting about a new phone accessory. Of course, you should feel welcome to suggest accessories you would like to see featured and I will do my best to cover them at a later time, as well as share your thoughts on the accessories I do feature.


This month: olloclip. Some of you who are obsessed with using your phone’s camera (although, who isn’t?) may be familiar with this little device, and it can be pretty handy! We can’t always carry a separate camera with us, especially bulky and fragile DSLR cameras – it’s just not practical. That being said, I do have some photographer friends who have tried. The olloclip allows you to add a lens to your phone (and in some cases, even tablets) to create a wide variety of shots with the built-in camera.


olloclip 4-in-1.jpg



Probably the most popular olloclip is the 4-in-1 Lens. As its name suggests, you receive four versatile lens options. They include fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro. You get the four lenses in one device as you unscrew the fisheye and wide-angle lenses to expose the macro lenses. As the fisheye and wide-angle lenses widen your field-of-view, they’re great for panoramas while the macros offer immense detail in close-ups.  


olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone.jpg
The other olloclip lenses we carry are the Active Lens, Macro Lens, and Telephoto & Circular Polarizing Lens. The Active Lens includes an ultra-wide and telephoto lens, which allows you to capture wide and further images. The Macro Lens opposites the Active Lens, as it’s perfect for seeing close-up details with a 7x macro, 14x macro, and 21x macro. The Telephoto & Circular Polarizing Lens includes 2x optical zoom to bring your subject a bit closer and is also able to reduce glare and reflections.

Regrettably, this is where the post will turn a bit sour for some. Most olloclips available are currently only available for the latest iPhones, with limited available for Samsung devices. While I have no personal experience with the olloclip, I’ve heard wonderful things about it, which makes it sound even more enticing!


What are your thoughts on the olloclip? 

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