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Accessory of the Month: Modal Lighted Cables

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It’s hard to believe it is July already! Remember when we were kids and begged and pleaded with our parents to have light up shoes? Whether we thought they just looked awesome, we wanted to run around in the dark with them on, or thought they would make us run faster – we HAD to have them. Well, I’ve found a similar version for our grown up selves.  

Modal Lighted CableThe Modal Lighted Cable actually lights up when it’s charging your phone. You probably are asking why on earth you need a lighted cable to charge your phone, which is completely fair! However, have you ever plugged your phone in, and then checked back and it wasn’t charged? I know it’s happened to me on countless occasions. I move my charger around and I often fail to ensure all connection points are secured and fully plugged in. This would certainly be a fantastic way to know your phone is properly plugged in and charging.


Furthermore, aside from just looking cool, it would provide you a simple way to see your phone is charging, and also find your phone a dark room. We also all know we’re suckers for personalization, and these chargers come in a variety of colors – blue, purple, green and white.


The Modal Lighted Cable comes in USB to micro-USB and USB to Lighting cable.  

At the end of the day, is it an absolutely necessary accessory? No. Am I still going to buy one? Probably.  

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