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Accessory of the Month: Apple Watch

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One of the latest hot items is wearable technology, most prominently fitness trackers and smartwatches. This past Valentine’s Day, my husband was very kind and purchased an Apple Watch Sport for me. I’ve been dying to check one of these out since their announcement, and I couldn’t believe that I was suddenly an owner of one! With this timing, I couldn’t help but choose the Apple Watch as the accessory of the month.

With an incredible selection of bodies and bands between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, you can truly have a smartwatch that matches your personality, and even your iPhone. Both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport are available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Change in outfit or taste? Bands are interchangeable between the same size bodies. The customization doesn’t stop there. You can customize the watch face by choosing from a range of face designs, and color options.

Apple Watch.JPG




What I also love about the Apple Watch is its seamless connectivity to my iPhone. From phone calls and app alerts, I’m able to leave my phone safely charging in one room and not miss a single notification! It also allows me to access many of my favorite apps right from my wrist. With just the raise of my wrist, I can check on the time, date, weather, my daily activity level, when sunset or sunrise is, and how much battery I have left – and that’s just on the watch face without clicking any buttons. Your options can be endless depending on what apps you have added to your Watch!




Apple Watch Sport.JPGAs far as justifying spending quite a bit of money on this device, it’s certainly not a necessary accessory – but definitely one you find yourself quickly attached to, not being able to live without it. One of the many uses I’ve found to turn this “want” into a “need” is when I’m out hiking. Typically, I put my phone safely in an armband, but that makes it incredibly difficult to use through the protective screen! With my Apple Watch, I can easily access the most necessary activity apps right from my wrist, and even check my heart rate while leaving my phone safely where it belongs. This alone makes it worthwhile for me! You can also ping your phone from your Apple Watch, regardless of your phone’s sound settings, if you misplace it. For someone who is a bit “spacey” like me, this has already come in handy. I can only imagine the possibilities. From being able to quickly check a message without so obviously staring at your phone in a variety of situations, to just being more convenient, it’s an incredibly nifty device.

So now that I’ve rambled on about the Apple Watch’s functionality which is identical from model to model, let’s check out the differences between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport which are purely cosmetic, but ultimately have a large impact on price.  




Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

Screen material

Sapphire Crystal

Ion-X Glass


20 models

12 models

Body material

Stainless Steel










In the few short days I’ve owned my Apple Watch Sport I’ve grown to enjoy it quite a bit and can’t imagine not having it!


What is your favorite smart watch? What makes it so?


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