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AT&T Blackberry Bold

I desperately need a new phone.  I'm due for an upgrade from AT&T so this helps the matter, but there are just so many phones to choose from.  I want something that's going to last me a few years and give me the option to review documents, search web & check email whenever I'm unable to access my laptop.  I've seen some details for the new Blackberry Bold, and my fiance has an iPhone which has some great features on it too.  Has anyone got any thoughts to share about the Blackberry Bold and/or how it compares with the iPhone's features? 


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Re: AT&T Blackberry Bold



I have been using the BlackBerry Bold for over a month now. It is a great phone and has all the things a business person, or even a college student would need. You can get all of your emails pushed to your phone instantly with the BlackBerry data package that costs $29.99. If you are using an enterprise server the data package will cost $44.99. 


The screen on the Bold is fantastic. The picture is great, bright, and clear. I think the iPhone has the Bold beat with the screen, but the Bold is closer than any other AT&T phone in terms of screen quality.


I have owned both the iPhone and the Bold. I personally do not like keyboard on touch screen phones, which gave me a reason to go back to a BlackBerry. If you are currently a BlackBerry user you will see that the keyboard on the Bold is similar to the 8800, but is a little bit easier to type on.


The web browser on the Bold is great. It has been much improved compared to older BlackBerry's that did not render the page well. The Bold renders it as you would see it on the computer, and allows you to zoom in and use the trackball to click links. Again, I think the iPhone does have a better web browser, but the touch screen part turns me back to the Bold every time.


The Bold comes with a program called Documents to Go. This program allows you to open and edit any word, excel, or powerpoint documents for free. You can upload these to your phone using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or you get them from email. If you would like to create new documents from scratch you will have to pay for the premium version of the program though.


The battery life is good, but not as good as previous BlackBerry's. This is due to the phone having 3G, compared to older BlackBerry's using EDGE or older technology. I find myself having to charge the phone every night or it will die during the night.


Hope this helped, if you have anymore questions let me know and I would be happy to help!