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3 Quick video tips for your smart phone

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎11-03-2015 04:49 PM - edited on ‎10-20-2017 03:56 PM by (620 Views)

By Jef Clements · Sales Lead, Store #1679


So you just got a fancy new cell phone! You turn on the camera to record some videos and they are amazing quality! But what’s the best way to put these together? How can you make sure your videos come out looking great? There are some simple settings, tips, and tricks you can use to get some crazy videos made with your phone!


1. Video Quality


The first way to make sure that your video is going to be top notch is to make sure that the footage you start with is very high quality.


Tip # 1 – Make sure your phone has the best video settings set up. Some phones don’t come out of the box having the highest quality video settings ready. If you start the camera in video mode and click on settings you should be able to boost the quality (this is on the HTC One M8 device)


Tip # 2 – Don’t forget about light! Try to shoot video in an area that has plenty of light. Lower lighting makes for poorer quality video. Turn on a lamp or go outdoors. Outdoor lighting is the best you can get. So for those fun summer events on the lake, on the river, or in the yard you will get awesome footage!


2. Editing Software


Now it’s time to edit that footage! Are you ready to make a montage video of your cat doing funny things and upload it to the web? I sure am! Editing software is a big topic. There are so many great programs out there to get your videos put together. The first step to editing video is to decide what type of editing you will be doing. There are two main types of people that want to edit video from their phones.


  1. People who want to feed a program all their photos and videos and have it automate a video montage for them, with maybe a few tweaks.
  2. People who want full control over the editing process to edit very specifically.


Auto Awesome app


For the people who fit into the A’s I’d highly recommend looking into Google’s Auto Awesome software. This app is included free with all newer android phones and will make amazing montage videos with just a few simple short steps.



KineMaster Pro

For the people who fit into category B, I would recommend KineMaster Pro. It is one of my favorite apps for editing video a little more in-depth. If you are looking to add tiles, music, trim clips precisely, and have more export options this is the way to go. Check out some of their video editing tutorials and take your skills a notch up!



3. Share!


Sharing is caring! Once your video is all done you can easily share it with the world! Both of the video editing apps we’ve shown you today have easy uploads to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine and an array of other social networking sites. Make sure to shoot and edit videos frequently with your phone. With a bit of practice you will find the best settings and create some phenomenal stuff!