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How To: Inserting a Link in Your Post

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Some users are saying the insert link button isn’t working when they are writing a post.  We hear you and would like to help.




The option appears grayed out and disabled.












We recently had a forum upgrade which changed the way the insert link button works.  Before the upgrade, when you pressed the button, it would open the link options, allowing you to paste the link and the title which would then insert into your post. 


Now, after the upgrade, you need to first highlight the text you would like to turn into a link.  Then, the insert link button will be enabled.


In this example, we highlighted “this computer”, and the insert link button is no longer grayed out.







After highlighting the text we want to be a link and clicking the insert link button, the insert/edit link box will appear as shown.


In the “Link URL” field, paste in the address of the link.


For the target dropdown, select open in this window or open in new window and then click insert.


Hope this helps!







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