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Model number: NS-48DR51ONA17 Help!

I’ve had my tv for about a year now, and it started acting up a couple months ago. The Netflix app would drop audio, then the picture would freeze, and then the tv would turn off and then turn on. At first I thought it may have been an internet connectivity issue, but my other smart tv rarly has connection issues. So the tv would restart every once in while.
Now it has gotten to the point where the Tv would restart whenever I watch anything on Netflix. It did it twice in the last hour.
The other issue I’m having; the tv doesn’t turn on all the way. It would began to load the home screen but restarts before it ever does. And it continues to restart until I unplug the tv. Which is very inconvenient since this is now happening once a week.
The 3 issue I’m having now is that the receiver continuously blinks as if someone is sitting on the remote. The batteries for the controller are relatively new and the remote sits on the table at all times. This is only a mild concern since it doesn’t disrupt tv viewing, but I can sense this will lead to another issue in the future.
The system info states that the tv is up to date.
I’m not sure if there’s anything that can fix this tv or if I need a new one? I believe I’m still covered for geek squad protect for this device but I’m not sure what it covers.
I would have returned the tv when the problems started but I had knee surgery a couple months ago, making it hard to move the tv anywhere.
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Re: Model number: NS-48DR51ONA17 Help!

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Since you've tried power-cycling the TV to reset the hardware (turning it off and unplugging it for several minutes) without success, it's likely your TV will require repairs. Since you have Geek Squad Protection, I recommend calling Geek Squad at 800-433-5778 to schedule a technician to visit your home.




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