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Insignia Roku TV - Won't Connect to WiFi

We purchased an Insignia Roku TV about a year ago from our local Best Buy store.  Seemed like a good idea at the time and generally speaking, we were able to use it as a portable smart TV.  However, over the past three months, the TV can't seem to access the home WiFi, or stay connected.  Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn't.

I've tried several things including (1) unpluging, waiting 15 seconds and plugging in, (2) Network Reset and even (3) Factory Reset.

The TV has just not proven reliable in terms of staying connected to the home WiFi.

It appears that this device is the only device that we have (in the house) that can't connect and stay connected to our Wifi.


Our Insignia TV Details:

  • ROKU TV  5405X
  • Insignia NS-32DR310CA17
  • Manufactured June 2016
  • Purchased October 2016

Any suggestions or olutiuons for this very irritating lack of WiFi connecttivity issue?

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Re: Insignia Roku TV - Won't Connect to WiFi

Hello WN143,


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Given that you've tried the typical troubleshooting steps, I recommend contacting Insignia Support at 877-467-4289 for more advanced  troubleshooting for your TV. 




Insignia Support

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Re: Insignia Roku TV - Won't Connect to WiFi



Im keeping with your advice, I called Insignia Support and must say that was a rathere frustrating experience.

  • We started the conversation with my reviewing the issue/problem and then I told them about all of the trroubleshooting steps that I had already performed. 
  • After finding my purchase receipt (October 2016), they asked that I repeat all of the troubleshooting steps (power cycle, router reboot, power recycle, etc...
  • No success; still no WiFi connectivitry

I then told the support representative that the TV's MAC address contiunues to show all ZEROS and they suggested that my WiFi signal must be poor/low. 

  • I know that this is not the case.
  • We have numerous devices from a variety of manufacturers that all connected and have satyed connected; all except this one Insignia Rokyu TV. 
  • The all ZEROs MAC address leads me to believe that there's a problem with the WiFi circuit and I asked aboiut repair options.


When I reiterated that this TV was almost 14 months since purchase date, then I was told that with it being out of warranty I would need to find a technician whpo could look into repairing.


Needless to say, I am not vewry pleased with the Insignia TV support received to date.


This was not a very expensive TV when we purchased it and the Roku capability made it rather.  However the reliability issues and failure to perform as ecxpected after just 14 moths with (apprently) no viable options for repair will not have me looking for other Insignia or Roku products in the near future.