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Insignia NS-LCD22-09 has power but will not turn on

With no warning (that we could tell) our older NS-LCD22-09 TV stopped working. When you turn on the power, either though the remote or at the TV itself, the power light changes from red to blue for a second or two, then it turns red and blinks about 5 times and then goes back to solid red. The screen and back light never turn on. Ihave tried using different power cords with no result.

Taking the back off the TV I unplugged the data cable for the lcd screen from the control board/main board (a 715T2763-2). Now when I turn the TV on the screen and back light come on and stay on.

Would this indicate it is the control board that is bad?

There are no obvious signs that the board is bad. No bulged or leaking capacitors, burnt chips, etc. Besides what may be a very slightly bulged 470uF 16v capacitor. Though it most likely is just deep impressions for the relief cuts.

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Re: Insignia NS-LCD22-09 has power but will not turn on

Hello TheGreen,


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I admire your DIY enthusiasm. As there is no means to provide an accurate diagnosis without a physical inspection of your TV, I recommend pursuing repairs by carrying your TV in to your local Geek Squad. You can schedule an appointment by visiting We're Here to Help and selecting "Make a Reservation" under "Getting Help is Easy."




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Re: Insignia NS-LCD22-09 has power but will not turn on

Thanks, but it is not worth the repair by Geek Squad.

I Just purchased a new, larger TV for about the same price the repair would have probably cost (assuming they could have repaired it).


Now I am looking to use this screen for a Raspberry Pi project and am trying to figure out if I should purchase a new control board for $25-ish or if it is the power board that is the issue.


Thanks again.