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Web OS antivirus

Recently bought a LG 65UH8500 Smart TV.  While exploring its Web OS features, I wondered about how to protect it from viruses and malware.  Seems to me, being connected to the Internet would expose the TV to viruses and malware.  Any thoughts about this issue?


BTW, never experienced any virus or malware problems on my 3-year-old Vizio smart TV, so I may be concerned about a none issue.

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Re: Web OS antivirus

Hi WiFiWanderer –


You ask an excellent question, which I’ll be happy to answer and advise you on. Just to preface this I’m going to speak very generally as to not get too technical, so there may be very minor exceptions to some things I say.


Operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX, and WebOS are all written in their own programming languages, and are unique in many ways. This is why unless versions are created to work on both, Windows software doesn’t work on a Mac, and vice versa. The same is true for viruses and malware as they’re types of software created to do nasty things. The vast majority of computers out there run on Windows, so the vast majority of viruses and malware are written in that language, which is part of the reason why Mac’s get far less viruses malware than Windows computers.


Because WebOS has its own language and is on comparatively few devices compared to Windows or even Mac’s, the chances of getting infected are extremely small. That said there technically are forms of antivirus that may be used with a WebOS system, though these are nothing that the average user would be able to setup with their TV, and in all honesty really isn’t needed. However I do commend your concern for security, as you can never be too safe online. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to post again.


Best Wishes!

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