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Tivo and spectrum app

I am looking to cut my cable. I have an account with spectrum. Can I get the spectrum app on tivo?
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Re: Tivo and spectrum app

I have the Spectrum App on my Roku and I find it better than on demand via Spectrum.


However, you have to have a current Spectrum Cable account in order to activate and use the Spectrum App. 


Also, I do not think your TIVO will work with the app.  Tivo requires either OTH or cable. It will not recognize the signal from the internet.


However, there is hope and what I would suggest doing is doing a google search for 


YouTube TV


I was going to cut cable when DirectTV Now came out. But there were to many things lacking


YouTube TV is coming soon. It will get you all the local broadcast stations and includes DVR service (so to speak)

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